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XR Controller Casing

XR Controller Casing

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Access Lid Variety
VESC Mount

Whats included:

  • VOW XR Controller Casing, Access Lid, Heat Sink and Airflow Plate
  • pre-installed gasket foam 
  • pre-installed PETG LED window
  • 1x 20mm Goretex breathe vent patch
  • 16x M3 6mm Torx Access Lid bolts
  • 24x M3 10mm Torx Heat Sink and Ports bolts
  • 2x M5 8mm rail mounting bolts
  • 2x M20 Cable Glands, battery and motor
  • 6 pin Switchcraft to 3 pin JST-PH2.0 for VOW Mushies footpad input.

Whats needed to complete the functional board control system:

  • Boost Battery built to spec (Depending on build intention)
  • Appropriate 19mm pushbutton 
  • GX-16 Charge port
  • LED bar, Ava-spark recommended (155mm length max)
  • VESC Controller (LilFocer/Tronic or Thor mount)

How does the VOW XR Controller Casing differ to other designs? The LED Window is recessed and there is no overhang above the window, allowing air the pass through the LED hole in the front bumper.

The printed airflow plate above the flat heat sink allows airflow underneath the footpad without any need for footpad modification or visible spacers. This, alongside the thick 3mm heat sink with its rail contact, gives exceptional thermal performance without high expense or aesthetic changes. 

The Casing also makes use of an underside access lid, meaning full accessibility to your internals, with minimal disassembly. 

The VOW XR Controller Casing is designed around Lil-Focer V3/Tronic 250R or Thor 300 type controllers and is capable of using a boost pack to achieve a 20s2p 21700 build.
If you're mounting a different VESC, send a message to organise different mounting points or a blank heat sink.

The Casing is fully printed out of Bambu Lab PAHT-CF, or High Temperature Nylon Carbon Fiber. This is an exceptionally durable plastic with strength properties that up to double standard printing plastics, and a heat resistance of up to 200°C.

The heat sink is machine laser-cut 3mm aluminium plate, being both low cost and outstandingly strong.

The casing and lid utilise a neoprene sponge foam gasket with a minimum width of 7mm in order to seal itself against street juice. Whilst it is designed to be waterproof, this is only guaranteed by using a Badger Onewheel Waterproofing kit. 

The casing uses M3 heat pressed inserts and 6mm M3 torx bolts to secure its underside access lid, and 10mm M3 torx bolts to secure the heat sink and airflow plate.

The motor output and battery input is M20 sizing, suiting glands and motor plugs.

The LED window is made of sheet PETG and attached with double sided gel tape, Ava-spark LED's are recommended for ultrabright results.

This casing is designed to be compatible with any XR Front bumper such as BANG's, Badger or stock XR.

In order to use a Tronic 250R, the extended lid needs to be used and your front bumper needs to be modified with a notch to fit the extension for the capacitors. 

Download the following VOW XR General System guide for a deeper dive into the entire system:


Here are files if you're interested in printing your own


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