Things are out of stock

Currently revamping the online store, the VOW shop, all of the designs for XR and GT, and also catching up on existing orders... alongside university
Because of this, new orders are halted for hopefully no more than a month
Have a look back soon for some rad stuff

:)) FOMF :))

Custom and repairable Onewheels are hard to make.
Our aim is to build similarly functioning parts for each board frame type

Find our designs on the product page

Check out the Builder Contacts to find local experience

In the early phases, purchases will be made to order until a backlog of parts can be produced.
Because of this, orders may take up to a month or longer from purchase to shipment.
If you have any questions regarding your order, please reach out via instagram or through an email at

Order international shipping cost is calculated via weight, at approximately $45AUD ($30USD)
per mass of packed casing (approx 1kg). Shipping will be no more than $70AUD ($45USD) per order.