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XR Mushies Footpads

XR Mushies Footpads

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Which Side?

Whats included:

  • VOW XR Mushies footpad/s, Grip tape/sensor installed
  • Appropriate 10-32 mounting bolts
  • 3pin Header to 6 pin Switchcraft (VOW XR Controller Compatible)

    Mushies footpads for XR are a first of its kind.

    They're a low and mellow concave whilst flaring at the edges, giving minimum tippy-ness and largest pad area.

    Printed out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) these pads are literally impossible to destroy, and thanks to the process of 3D printing, these pads obtain unique properties.

    The edge of the footpad is printed solid, meaning the pad wont flex or bend away from hugging the rail and bumper of your board. But the rest of the footpad is printed hollow.

    This gives the 3D printed Mushies the edge hugging properties similar to cast urethane footpads, and the squish and comfort properties of gel pads, whilst being a quarter of the weight of either.

    It gets better, the inserts for the front two bumper bolts can be removed with a 5mm key. This means that longer 10-32 bolts can be used to bolt 'hook' structures to the ends of your pads without doing any fancy or hardcore modification.

    The sensor version comes with a footpad sensor, and channels to tuck your VESC Onewheels footpad cable into, keeping everything neat and tidy.

    Both pads use 30 grit chunky grip tape, perfect for any rider.

    The wheel-sides of the pads match that of stock pads, meaning XR fenders, fins and deletes are all compatible

    Download the following VOW XR General System guide for a deeper dive into the entire system:


    Here are files if you're interested in printing your own


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