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Pint Float Bumper

Pint Float Bumper

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Whats included:

  • VOW Pint Float Bumper with inserts installed
  • appropriate M4 mounting Bolts

Whats needed to complete the functional Pint float bumper

  • Standard Pint float plate from The Float Life,
     appropriately modified to attach to the VOW Float bumper.

Pint X bumpers are without a doubt the weakest part of extended pint designs, this aims to fix that.

Our Pint Float Bumper uses inserts to allow you to properly bolt a float plate to the underside of your board, granting much more security to your battery casing and longevity to your bumper. 

This product requires the use of a modified standard pint float plate, modifications include cutting and two drill holes. Guide coming soon.

This bumper is printed out of Nylon carbon fibre to ensure excellent impact resistance and longevity. 

The VOW Pint battery casing requires the use of this bumper, this bumper is also compatible with stock Pint X battery casings. 

If you're interested in printing your own pint float bumper, the file is included in the pint battery casing step file folder found on the VOW Pint Battery Casing page.

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