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Pint Battery Casing

Pint Battery Casing

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Whats included:

  • VOW Pint Casing and Lid with inserts
  • pre-installed padding and gasket foam 
  • pre-installed PETG LED window
  • 1x 20mm Goretex breathe vent patch
  • 18x M3 Torx Lid bolts (T10 driver required, if needed add a note to order)

Whats needed to complete the functional board power system:

  • Battery built to spec (guide at the bottom of this description)
  • Appropriate onewheel size format BMS
  • M20 Cable Gland/ VOW Swap Plug
  • GX16 Charge port
  • Complete VOW Pint Float Bumper 

The VOW Pint Battery Casing is designed for use in boards utilising the Pint Frame type.

This casing is designed around 20S1P 21700 battery builds that utilise cells such as the Molicel P42A or P45B.

The casing and lid is fully printed out of Bambu Lab PAHT-CF, or High Temperature Nylon Carbon Fiber. This is an exceptionally durable plastic with strength properties up to double that of standard plastics, and a heat resistance of up to 200°C.

The casing and lid utilise a neoprene sponge foam gasket with a minimum width of 7mm in order to seal itself against street juice. Whilst it is designed to be waterproof, this is only guaranteed by using a Badger Onewheel Waterproofing kit. 

The casing uses M3 heat pressed inserts and M3 torx screws to secure its lid.

The output is M20 sizing, meaning compatibility with the VOW Swappable battery plug or a standard M20 cable gland.

The LED window is made of sheet PETG and attached with double sided gel tape, this casing is compatible with VOW Small Headlight sticks.

The VOW Pint Float Bumper is necessary for the safe use of this casing.
This casing is not compatible with the stock Pint X bumper.

Download the following files if you're planning on printing your own:

 - Pint Battery Casing - Construction Guide
 - Pint Battery Casing - STEP FILES

Download the following guide to build a battery to the correct spec:

 - Pint Battery Casing - 20s1p 21700 Battery Build Guide

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