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GT Mushies Footpads

GT Mushies Footpads

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Whats included:

  • VOW GT Mushies footpad set, front and back
  • Grip tape/sensor installed
  • PA-CF Fender deletes
  • Appropriate M5 mounting bolts
  • 3pin Header to 6 pin Switchcraft (VOW GT Controller Compatible)


Mushies footpads for GT will leave XR Riders confused

These footpads absolutely slam the thickness of the GT Frame down to 68mm thick, No I wasn't going to make it an extra millimetre thicker.

This results in GT Builds with ride-feel identical to the XR.

As the pads are so thin, the squishy properties of the XR Mushies can't be recreated, hence two materials options are available. 
TPU gives it a Kush pad solid urethane feel with little squish but still decent impact absorption, however due to thin pad thickness, rail adherence is lacking and the pad flexes easily between bolt points. It sits flush normally, but its noticeably pliable.

PA-CF makes the pads completely solid, you wont have any 'flapping' issues with the pad, but it will be less comfortable. This can be solved with foam tape if you have a comfort issue. 

The front pad comes with a footpad sensor and VOW GT Controller compatible plug, with channels to tuck your footpad cable into, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Both pads use 30 grit chunky grip tape, perfect for any rider.

The footpad design means that standard GT Designs for fender and deletes wont match, this system is a full commitment for full performance. 

Here are files if you're interested in printing your own


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