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VOW Systems

GT Controller Casing

GT Controller Casing

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Access Lid Type

Kit includes:

  • Machined lid
  • Nylon Carbon Fibre 3D printed parts
  • Printed soft gaskets
  • Clear LED Window installed
  • All relevant bolts
  • 2x M20 cable glands
  • 1x Switchcraft footpad receiver, soldered to match GT Mushies 
  • 1x Goretex Breathe patch

System Guide

This casing is designed for conventional onewheel build configurations, with a controller in the nose and a battery mainly in the tail.

It's currently only compatible with the X12 24s from Tronic Systems, and intended to house a 6s2p 21700 battery module to complement an 18s2p module in the battery casing. 

Housing the 6s2p module requires the extended access lid version, which therefore demands bumper modification for proper fitment. The flush access lid fits the bumper without any modification

Short format 19mm pushbuttons (12mm length) are best for fitment reasons when using a split pack, but regular sized buttons could be fitted with potential difficulty. 

The superflux motor/plug is the most appropriate for this casing design.  

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